What To Expect From Your Midwife Appointments

Preparing for Midwife Appointments:

As you embark on your prenatal journey, it’s crucial to be prepared for your midwife appointments. These regular check-ups ensure that you and your baby are progressing well. Before your first appointment, you will typically have a booking appointment, where your midwife will gather important information about your medical history, perform initial tests, and discuss your preferences for antenatal care.

What to Expect During Midwife Appointments:

Midwife appointments are designed to monitor the health and development of both mother and baby throughout pregnancy. During these visits, your midwife will conduct routine checks, such as measuring your blood pressure, testing your urine for protein and infection, and measuring the size of your growing baby bump. They may also order blood tests, including screening tests, to assess your overall health and identify any potential risks.

Midwife Appointments in Different Trimesters:

The frequency and focus of midwife appointments may vary across the different trimesters of your pregnancy. In the early stages, you will have fewer appointments, typically scheduled around the 16-week mark and the 28-week mark. If this is your first baby you may have a couple of extra appointments. As you progress into the third trimester, the frequency of appointments will increase to closely monitor the well-being of both you and your baby. From 34 weeks you can expect to see your midwife every 2 weeks up to the birth.

As you attend your midwife appointments, take the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice on any concerns you may have. Your midwife is there to empower you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions for the care of yourself and your baby. Pregnancy can be daunting, especially for first time parents. Midwives are there to give you reassurance every step of the way.