Creamy Oat Cereal Cookie Recipe

Newly weaning babies and toddlers will love these cookies, made with our Kendamil multigrain cereal 🍪 Kudos to our Kendamum Gemma for the recipe!

They can be gobbled up for breakfast or on the go, so they're perfect for picnics too.

And we love this recipe because it’s super simple, just like our ingredients. All you need is our porridge and water, with some optional maple syrup. Drools.


Makes up to 5 cookies.

Step 1

Mix 4 heaped tbsp of our creamy oat porridge with 4 tbsp of water and a tsp of maple syrup.

Step 2

Once it’s started to combine, use your hands to bring it all together and form a dough.

Step 3

Take a little bit and roll into a small ball (about golf ball sized). Place onto a lined baking tray and flatten down with the back of a fork. If it gets stuck, get messy and use your fingers.

Step 4

Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C fan for 20-25 minutes.

Then, watch your little one enjoy (just make sure they’ve cooled down first!).

Baby friendly cookies

Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months, and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.